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Welcome to United Charitable Programs

United Charitable Programs (UCP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower people to help others by fiscally sponsoring targeted charitable programs that encourage positive change through charitable, educational, scientific, or religious actions worldwide. Our programs vary in size, budget and scope, but all share the desire to make a difference in the lives of others.


UCP provides fiscal sponsorship as a cost-effective way for charitable programs of any size and scope to be efficiently and effectively managed. UCP relieves the administrative burdens which can inhibit doing good works. We provide strict oversight of our programs to ensure compliance with 501(c)(3) nonprofit regulations. We strive to uphold the highest standards in charitable program management so that our programs can focus on what they do best – helping those in need, whether in their own community, across the nation or on the other side of the globe.


Anyone can establish a Fiscally Sponsored Program, or a Donor-Advised Fund at UCP. The charitable programs that we accept and sponsor at UCP will be able to have tax-exempt status under our auspices, as long as these programs remain in good-standing with us at UCP. We strive to share our knowledge and expertise with our programs to help them grow and succeed. UCP performs the various administrative tasks for these programs so that they will eventually make an impact and create a progressive, positive social change in our world.


Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Program

Below are some frequently asked questions about beginning a charitable program at UCP. Please feel free to Contact Us if you don't see a response to your particular question. Please also refer to our section on Frequently Asked Questions About Fiscal Sponsorship.


1. How much does the program application cost?

The application fee to begin an active charitable program or a donor-advised fund is $385. Please click here for more information, and to download the program application. For more information about donor-advised funds, and to download the application, please click here.


2. What are the ongoing costs?

UCP charges an 8% administration fee on each donation made to your program at UCP. Other charges may apply from time to time. You can review a list of additional fees that may be incurred.


3.  How long does it take for approval of my Program or Donor-Advised Fund application?

We have a review committee review each application as they are submitted. We review your application for charitable purpose, clarity, and feasibility among other items.  If the application is complete and legible (please only submit typed applications), and the charitable purpose is accepted by UCP, you should receive approval within 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, if we need additional information or clarification, we will give you a call.


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